Our Team

Erik Livingston

Founder & CEO – EntrepreLearn

I founded EnrepreLearn after experiencing my own frustrations when it came to building a career.

At the age of 16 I started on the path of entrepreneurship, inspired by a childhood living all over the world and time spent in the startup hub of Hong Kong. My first venture was the event management company KongKrete Jungle, created while I was still at school, and we booked artists ranging from Grandmaster Flash and Biggie Smalls’ DJ, to Adventure Club and Krewella.

I then studied at the University of Sydney and earned a BA, but when it came to advancing my education as an aspiring entrepreneur, I found that learning options were still too focused on the conventional route of a corporate career. Those places teaching anything to do with business and entrepreneurship lacked practical and compelling options and seemed so dry for such a fascinating topic.

So I decided to create the EntrepreLearn movement, a place where people could come together, study the best online business courses and learn, not just from teachers, but from successful founders. 


Il-Young Jeong

Co-Founder – Cochlear.ai 

Il-Young Jeong is a co-founder and research scientist at Cochl, an AI start-up focusing on sound. During his undergraduate and graduate studies, he focused on developing technologies for audio analysis and process, including noise removal from speech data, singing voice separation and genre recognition from music, and audio tagging from environmental sounds. After graduating from Seoul National University’s Music and Audio Research Group and earning a Ph.D., he founded Cochl, along with five other colleagues, to bring these technologies into real-world services

Ernest Chan

Founder – AESIR 

Ernest Chan is a co-founder of AESIR, a Hong Kong–based social enterprise that produces augmented-reality and virtual-reality games for people with special needs. His determination to change the special-education landscape through technological innovation has led AESIR to win a number of awards, including being named a global top 500 tech startup in the Hello Tomorrow Challenge and one of Asia’s top 12 social enterprises in the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge. He holds a degree in geoinformatics from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, along with Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Green Belt certifications. He has overseas working experience in Sweden, Singapore and Ukraine. Erenst is also a member of several government statutory boards, including the Administrative Appeal Board, the Advisory Panel on Vetting of Amusement Games and the Civil Celebrant of Marriages Appointment Appeal Board.

Our Advisors


Andy Ann

CEO – NDN Group

Andy Ann is an award-winning serial entrepreneur – the Founder and Chairman of NDN Group, a digital conglomerate focusing on data, mobile and media technologies. Andy also founded Klarity Analytics, a big data anlytic engine; Hot Mob, a leading mobile data company; and Darizi.com, a China Luxury wedding media platform. He also pioneered one of the first blockchain companies in the region, NOIZChain, and successfully listed the company on 4 crypto exchanges.


Andy actively contributes to the business startup community – he is well known for discovering and mentoring high-potential entrepreneurs, he has been actively involved in multiple local and Silicon Valley incubators including Google EYE, Founders Institution, Entrepreneur Organization and more.  He is one of the founding members at the TEDx conferences, focusing on inviting inspirational speakers in areas of NGO, Social Enterprise and Philanthropy, to uncover new ideas to make the community a better place for allAndy also co-founded GoImpact Capital Partners, an ecosystem to fast track Social Impact Investment for making a difference in the world.

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Ben Wong

Head of Open Innovation – Eureka Nova

Co-founded Impact Kommons, the first social impact accelerator in Hong Kong that recruits technology startups to address United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Ben is a serial intrapreneur with a track record of building profitable businesses and productive business functions. He has 12 years of business development and product management experience including work in startup open innovation platforms, B2B ecommerce marketplaces, technology conferences, crowdfunding services, manufacturing and cross-border trading.

He has helped startups raise more than $2 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He is an angel investor and regularly mentors in startup support programs.


Grow with us

One of the best attributes of an entrepreneur is the ability to dream big. And we’re no different. At EntrepreLearn we have so many ideas for business startup courses, and we always work with true business leaders to help entrepreneurs on their journey towards financial freedom.

Our aim is to develop our platform into a buzzing community of like-minded, impatient, and hungry entrepreneurs from around the world who will help and support each other.

In our courses, we explore new technologies and speak to leaders for the latest insights because we believe that there is so much exciting and compelling material emerging from dynamic companies that traditional education just can’t keep up.

So come and join the community and jump-start your entrepreneurial career.